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Mt. Kilimanjaro

   Mount Kilimanjaro was caused by an asteroid impact that punched a hole in the crust of the Earth, which then allowed the lava to flow and the mountain to form as a volcano. The evidence of this is in the series of concentric circles around the mountain. These circles are the remains of the seismic shock waves that emanated from the impact. These seismic waves expanded over most of Africa, and put form and location to many of the lakes, rivers and mountains on the continent. The image below shows the larger seismic waves that emanated from the impact. 

The primary seismic circles of the Mt Kilimanjaro Impact.
These circles are detailed in the images that follow.
Each of these images is expandable for increased detail.

     The primary shock wave of this impact was the cause of the volcanoes to the West northwest at about 570 miles radius, which describe a large part of the Great Rift Valley. This asteroid probably came in very fast from the East northeast to form the circle of lakes and volcanoes. This primary seismic wave circle is very prominent.
Kilimanjaro Impact describes a large portion of the Great Rift Valley with the 570 mile seismic ring
      The Kilimanjaro Impact was the cause of Lake Tanganyika, to the Southwest, and Lake Kivu, Lake Edward, and Lake Albert to the north along the circle line. The above image is linked to a larger image for more detail.

     In addition to causing volcanoes and the lakes, these geophysical features on the land then became the political borders between the countries in eastern Africa.

The Kilimanjaro Impact provided the geophysical features which became the political boundaries in eastern Africa


Mt. Kilimanjaro, the 40 mile seismic circle.
The first notable seismic circle is at 40 miles (65 km) radius. Note how the various geographic features follow the circle line.

The 77 mile radius circle. Enlarged areas are to the right.

The 77 mile radius circle Northwest

The 77 mile radius circle Northeast

The 77 mile radius circle Southwest

The 945 mile radius circle. The black rectangles are enlarged to the right.

945 WNW

945 NE

The 1385 mile radius circle.

1385WNW, the Ubangi River, tributary to the Congo River.

1385 WSW

1385 SW. This is the Cuando River, which becomes tributary to the Zambezi River.

The 1475 mile radius circle.


1475 W

1475SW, the Okavango Delta in Botswana

The seiscin circle at 1880 miles radius from the Kilimanjoro Impact.
1880 miles radius circle
The border between Nigeria annd Cameroon is the 1880 mile radius seismic wave from the Mt. Kilimanjaro Impact.
1880 miles radius Northwest

1880 miles radius Southwest
At 1880 miles to the Southeast, the Mascarene Plateau
1880 miles radius Southeast, forming the Mascarene Plateau in the Indian Ocean.

Evidence of other seismic circles which are not shown here, can be found at 409, 465, 840, 1190, 1285, and 2425 miles radius.

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