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Madhya Pradesh, India
This is an explanation of the meteor impact that created Madhya Pradesh, India, the Deccan Traps, and the concentric seismic circles which firmly fix India in its' place, discounting the theory of continental drift to form the Himalayan Mountains. Specifically, if India had moved since the time of this impact, fixed at 67.5 million years ago, then the concentric seismic circles, would not be concentric. Each of these circles is centered at  2314'47"N  2314'47"N

105 Mile Radius Seismic Circle locater

A closer view of the 105 mile circle. This image is linked to a larger image for closer inspection.

The Chambai River. This image is linked to a larger image for closer inspection.

Rajghat Reservoir.
Expanded detail below.

Expanded detail below.

Expanded detail below.

205 mile Radius

500 mile radius

Expanded detail below.

Expanded details below.

The 728 mile radius circle.

At a radius of 728 miles to the north. This image is linked to an image 4800 pixels wide. That these geographical alignments show here demonstrates that the impact came after the formation of the Tibetan Plateau.

Other circles not described here:
962 miles radius
1123 miles radius
1418 miles radius

1625 Mile Radius

Lake Balkhash in Kazakhstan

Quinghai Lake, China

2560 Mile Radius

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