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     A huge double ring impact 3,030 miles (4,840 km) in diameter, centered in the South China Sea, west of the Philippines created the Islands of Indonesia and Malaysia. The smaller ring is 2,540 miles (4,100 km) diameter. As the islands of Indonesia are a line of volcanoes, this is the impact that cracked the Earth so that these volcanoes formed in the circular arc that they do.

Below are other alignments which further identify the impact.

775 miles to the South, this entire southern part of the circle describes the southern end of the Philippines, as well as the alignments in Eastern Borneo and Cambodia, which are shown in the following two images.

775 South through eastern Borneo.

775 West through Cambodia and Laos.

1110 Miles to the West northwest through China.

1110 Miles to the West northwest through Thailand and northern Laos

1515 North through China

1515 North northwest through China

At 1745 miles radius to the North northeast, in Chins

At 1745 miles radius to the South.

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