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Found in Guatamala

     It sets at the center of this circle which appears to be from a large meteor impact. The yellow arrows to the south are a raised area, a rim of the crater. Note to the North, the circle crosses the island of Cd. del Carmen in Campeche, Mexico

    What is this?     It is located in this Northwestern section of Guatamala. It is very centrally located at the base of the yucatan Peninsula. It does not line up with any of the other known archaeological sites in the area.

     There are no roads to it. At the closest Route 13 is more than 12 km from the site. The site is raised from the surrounding area.

     This square, about 1.25 km (east-west) x .95 km (north-south) is at an elevation of about 220 meters. The valley to the west is 130 - 180 meters in elevation. A fabulous view.  Coordinates are in the lower left of the image.

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