The Indiana Impact
The Creation of Baja California

The impact that formed Baja California
     The impact that created Baja California - Lower California - that long narrow peninsula south of California was huge. If you follow the curve of the peninsula south, it meets up nicely with the south western coast of Mexico.  The actual impact was in central Indiana, marked by the small faint circle in the center of the image, although there is little evidence of it there now.

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    This impact formed a double ring where the outer ring formed the Baja California peninsula and the Sierra Madre del Sur, the mountains on the southwestern coast of Mexico. The inner ring was primarily responsible for part of the formation of the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains, the mountains in western Mexico that parallel the Baja California peninsula to the East..
      The outer ring of the impact structure is 3,500 miles (5,735 km) in diameter.  The inner ring is about 3,050 miles (5,000 km) in diameter. Additionally they appear to be partially responsible for the shape of Cuba. The effects of this impact can be seen on six continents.

      A larger version is available by clicking HERE! (1983 x 1975 pixels) Also there are links to demonstrate the effects of this impact on the other continents.

      As many things happened after these impacts, the impact circle is rarely complete. Each new event obliterates a part of the previous circle. However what is left can be ascertained by the geographical alignments that follow the circles. These alignments are specific geographical features that fall on, and are aligned to the shock wave circle, or perhaps more accurately, were aligned by it. By toggling the images back and forth, you can see the primary alignments that were left by these shock waves. More judicious study of this impact will show many other alignments, both closer to and farther from the center of impact. The distance between the circles in generally not uniform.

  Next comes the Sierra Madre Oriental, the eastern mountain range in Mexico.
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