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     The Omaha Impact is distinctive not in its' mountain moving achievements, but in the ways that man has used the features of the shock waves. In the above image the circle is 507 miles in radius from the center of impact. The following images are all on this same circle, but close enough that what man has done can be seen. The amazing thing here is that all of these highly engineered works were placed where they are without the knowledge of this impact. The engineers were simply using the natural geography to their best advantage, which just happened to be where this shock wave put the contours of the ground. The economics, combined with the natural features of the land made putting dams, major roadways and airports on this seismic wave circle as the best option.

to the Northwest in North Dakota.

      Consider that the people that worked on these projects worked independently, in seven different states, in three different engineering disciplines, yet placed their projects almost exactly the same distance from the center of impact, at Omaha Nebraska.

in Indiana

With a center of impact at  41°12'8.21"N  96° 2'1.88"W, the farthest distance of any of these projects is within 0.8 % of the circle. The average distance is 1.25 miles or 0.22% of the radius.  If we take this circle +/- only one percent, or 5 miles each side of this circle as the crest of this shock wave, how many other projects could be found that depend on being on the high ground? Please advise if you make such a count.

in Southwestern Kentucky

in Arkansas

Northeastern Texas

Southern Oklahoma

Northern Texas

At 507 miles, in Northern Texas, this airport runway aligns precisely with the shock wave circle.


at 505 miles radius to the south. This shock wave defines the boundary between Texas and Oklahoma, the Red River Valley.

geographical alignments at 540 miles radius to the southwest.

710 miles NE

710 miles SE

710 miles South

      This image describes the three circles shown above in their entirety. To view this image in large scale  (2715 x 2042 pixels) CLICK HERE or on the image.

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