Playa Miramar

Playa Miramar from the North Seawall of el Rio Panuco
Come and enjoy Playa Miramar. You don't have to fly to get here. It is not crowded, it is not expensive and you have all the services.

Pickups and ATVs welcome, Don't forget to bring some shade
    Spring breaking on Playa Miramar. Pick-ups and ATVs are welcome. Don't forget to bring some shade, sun glasses and SUN BLOCK. If you are coming from the north, remember that the sun is more intense here. We are south of the Tropic of Cancer. Sail boarders and kite boarders do great here because there is almost always a good surface wind from the South East, off of the Gulf of Mexico, which makes riding the waves spectacular.  The upper lever weather pattern is almost always coming from the South West in the tropical Pacific Ocean, to drop any rain on the west coast, then overland to bring clear skys here almost every day.

 Playa Miramar, Madero, Tamaulipas, Mexico

Playa Miramar is the main city beach with all the hotels, restaurants, bars and other shops. In the aerial below, notice where the sand changes from darker to lighter. The darker sand is fine grained and easy to walk on. The lighter sand is courser and a bit harder walking, and driving is not for cars. That division on the left of the image is my unofficial boundary between the Playa Miramar and Playa Caracol.

Walking the dog on Playa Miramar

Walking the dog on Playa Miramar. Playa Miramar is a very wide beach with a very gentile slope. You can see here the extent of the tides. This photo was taken in the early afternoon, when the Moon was at the closest in its' 18 year orbit cycle. This 'Super Moon' is slightly larger and brighter than at any other time, and causes the highest and lowest tides, as shown here.

Playa Miramar, Aerial, Madero, Mexico
As you can see above, there is ample room for expansion. The upper photo is perhaps five years old. The lower photo is perhaps two years old.                                                 

updated satelite imagery of Playa Miramar

At the southern entrance to the beach, you are greeted by this elegant mermaid fountain.

Mermaid Sculpture, Playa Miramar, Madero, Tamaulipas, Mexico

First day of Spring at Playa Miramar, Tampico, Mexico

The first day of Spring, a holiday, and temperatures are in the upper 80's.

Playa Miramar, the main street at south beach
This place would make the most ideal Artist Spot, Hot Spot, Night Spot in Mexico. It is a short days drive from South Texas, the climate can't be beat, and the prices are low.

Surfing in January, Playa Miramar, Madero,Tampico,Tamaulipas, Mexico

Surfing Playa Miramar in January.

Memories of friends in Tampico

This is where memories are made.

Spear fishing from the North Seawall of the Rio Panuco at Playa Miramar       
Dr. JosŤ Sierra Flores Educator
Spear fishing from the north seawall of el Rio Panuco. Many people fish from here in many different ways, and they near always seem to have a good catch.                         
The image of Dr. JosŤ Sierra Flores, an Educator, graces Costero Blvd.

Playa Miramar, Madero, Mexico

Playa Miramar on a typical summer weekend.

Playa Miramar has some exquisite resorts 

Playa Miramar has some of the most beautiful and well appointed beach front facilities you will find anywhere. Style, architecture and location make for world class vacations.


I was sitting at the beach one day and within a half hour, about 15 dolphins swam by in three different groups.

When the dolphins surfaced, the flock of birds that was sitting on the beach, immediately took off and flew directly to the dolphins and started feeding just in front of them. Now I know why they have this
fountain of the Dolphins that marks the north end of the beach.

Dolfin Sculpture, Playa Miramar, Madero, Mexico

Kite boarding as white pelicans journey on their migration north 

White pelicans migrating north backdrop a kite boarders kite as he plays with the waves.

This sand makes perfect castles

The beach is easy walking as the sand is very fine. It is also just great for making sand castles.

Beach Cafes

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With the winds of early spring, the beach reverts back to dunes every year and the local government does an enormous amount of work to get this ready for the spring break crowds.

Blowing spring sand must be cleared every year

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