Playa Tesoro
Treasure Beach

Playa Tesoro starts on the North side of the jetty of El Puerto de Altamira, and extends north as a sand bar.

     The area of the laguna, west of the bar is hyper saline, which means that it is saltier that the sea.   Evaporation is greater than the fresh water coming in from the land, so sea water keeps flowing in adding more and more salt.  The picture shows salt evaporators that provide part of the economy for the area.

Satelite image of Playa Tesero and Puerto de Aliamira.

To get to the beach,  it is necessary to take the road across the salt flats. At the present time, the port is expanding to cover all of the area south of the road in the salt flats, and some of the land north. 

You can see from the overhead view that the north beach is expanding, and the south beach is minimal.  This follows the same pattern as Playa Miramar where the jettys at the mouth of the Rio Panuco also form a wide beach.

More information on the currents of the area is available by clicking HERE.

Puerto de Altamira with the road to Playa Tesero highlighted.

     On the road to the beach, this road cut, noted in the overview photo above, is through an ancient dune line. By this ancient dune line being there, it demonstrates that the land here is expanding to the East. The road cut shows the life story of this ancient dune and generally how dunes are formed. Each series of lines was another wind blown sand event. Each change in the direction or velocity of the wind causes the sand to fill in differently. While these dunes are made of sand, they appear to be naturally cemented together, and have a concrete feel and texture.  This cementing is hard enough that you cannot break it with your fist, but with a rock or hammer, it crumbles easily.

Road cut through the ancient dune on the road to Playa Tesoro.

 This lighthouse guards the entrance to el Puerto de Altamira.

El Faro, the lighthouse at Puerto de Altamira

Rosetta Spoonbills are a common sight here. These were seen in the salt flats.

Rosetta Spoonbills, Altamira, Mexico

Looking north at Playa Tesoro. The beach is wide with a gentile slope. This photo  was taken near the lowest tide,  when there is a new moon,  in the morning. At those times, the moon passes between the Sun and the Earth and the gravity of both sun and moon pull in the same direction. In the morning they pull the waters to the East, which on the East coast makes the low tide, on the west coast is the high tide. The previous evening, they pulled the waters westward. The high tide here was nearly to the palm frond umbrellas on the left. The receding tide left many new sea shells for the curious.

,Playa Tesoro Altamira Tampico Mexico receding tides make for easy driving.

From the tire tracks in the sand, you can tell the sand is easy to drive on. This is a fine grained sand that was washed around the seawalls at Puerto de Altamira.

At just the right time of year, a local group does a nursery for sea turtles.They gather all the eggs from the beached Sea Turtles, and plant them here in a protected environment. Turtle Plant, Playa Tesero, Tampico Altamira MexicoTurtle Plant Altamira Tampico Mexico

I understand there are about 75 eggs in each incubator.  Keep up the good work!

From that wide beach on the north of the wall, we go north. 


One of the things we found there was this:

Angular Triton, Playa Tesero, Altamira, Mexico.

Click on it

From Peterson's Field Guide 'Shells'  This would be an Angular Triton . A common West Indies shell...   

Range: South Florida; West Indies south to Brazil. Habitat: Shallow water.   Cymatium femorale (Linnaues, 1758)   


Enjoy fishing? A pickup truck, some friends, fishing gear, a fabulous seafood barbecue, and a very special day is what you can expect here.

Playa Tesero, Altaamira, Mexico

The sand of Treasure Beach. 

Shells on the beach, Playa Tesoro

For the shell collectors out there, this photo is actual. It was not staged.


 This picture was taken approximately 8 miles north of the jetty.The dunes seem to be generally holding steady here. The greenery is flowing down the face to hold the sand in place.

Playa Tesoro, Altamira, Mexico, north beach and dune.


And then there are the Whelks!

Playa Tesoro, Altamira, Mexico,  Whelk

Click Here or on the picture for more about the Whelks

This one is a Lightning Whelk.  Apparently fairly common here as I found a vendor at El Municipal Mercado with numerous perfect specimens. This one was just laying there on the beach.  They measure 7 to 10 inches and whelks up to 15 inches have been found.


The shell collection is typical of a short walk on the beach.
La colección de las conchas es típica de una caminata corta en la playa.

And it just goes and goes   and     goes. . .  .   .                                                                        

Playa Tesoro, Altamira, Mexico, north beach about half way up.

An extended view of the northern part of Playa Tesoro. This picture was taken approximately 8 miles north of the jetty.

Playa Tesoro, Altamira, Mexico, the north channel and seawall in the distance.

At about 12 miles north we approach the north channel and the seawalls.

Playa Tesoro, Altamira, Mexico, approaching the jetty for the channel at the north end ov the beach.

The seawalls are built up of concrete cubes designed to make them very difficult to roll during bad weather, and they provide shelter for fish
 and crustaceans in the spaces between them.

Playa Tesoro, Altamira, Mexico, the seawall forthe channel at the north end of the beach.

On the top is a walkway so that you can get out to the end to fish.

Playa Tesoro, Altamira, Mexico, on the north channel seawall.


The channel.

Playa Tesoro, Altamira, Mexico, the channel at the north end of the beach.


The wall on the north side.

Playa Tesoro, Altamira, Mexico, the seawall on the north side of the north channel.

Many people enjoy driving the primitive beach to find a spot of their own for a day with family and friends.

Playa Tesoro, Altamira, Mexico, this is where to go with family and friends for a day long outing

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